Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur (SAK)


Edited by Jochem Kahl and Nicole Kloth.

Established in 1974, »Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur« are among the most internationally prestigious Egyptological journals. They contain first editions and arrangements of documents and to monuments as well as archaeological, philological, historical, and religious studies discussions and essays.


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Every year one or two volumes are published. Supplements - reserved for anthologies, congressional acts and monographs - which appear irregular, are automatically delivered at the subscription price.

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The journal of Egyptology "Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur" (SAK), which was launched by Prof. Dr. H. Altenmüller and Prof. Dr. D. Wildung in 1974, contains first editions and studies of documents and monuments as well as archaeological, philological, historical and religious discussions and essays. Guidelines were formulated in the first volume of SAK and placed under the logo of the s3k-crocodile, which was designed by Prof. Dr. D. Wildung.

Prof. Dr. H. Altenmüller was the sole editor of volume 21 (1994) and then a co-editor together with Dr. Nicole Kloth of volume 32 (2004). From volume 39 (2010) onwards SAK has been edited by Prof. Dr. Jochem Kahl and Dr. Nicole Kloth .

All submitted manuscripts undergo an anonymised appraisal (peer review). For this purpose please submit an anonymised and complete electronic version of your article (including illustrations and plates). Please do not send any original illustrations and photographs, because we are unable to send your manuscript back to you for oganisatory reasons. SAK is published by Buske-Verlag, Hamburg (ISSN 0340-2215); they also provide the offprints (as PDF) for the authors. 

The following Egyptologists - alongside the editors - belong to the advisory board:

  • Prof. Dr. Hartwig Altenmüller, Hamburg
  • Prof. Dr. Manfred Bietak, Wien
  • Prof. Dr. Angelika Lohwasser, Münster
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedrich Quack, Heidelberg. 

The editors will make the final decision on whether a manuscript is accepted or rejected 

It is possible to browse the abstracts of the contributions published in SAK here (from volume 21, 1994 onwards). 

Contact, questions and manuscripts:

Prof. Dr. Jochem Kahl
Freie Universität Berlin
Ägyptologisches Seminar
Altensteinstr. 33 
14195 Berlin

Tel. 0 30/8 38-5 67 84

Dr. Nicole Kloth
Sondersammelgebiet Ägyptologie
Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg 
Plöck 107-109
69117 Heidelberg

Tel. 0 62 21/54-25 70


Authors and contributors may find the » Agreement on the granting of exploitation rights (PDF) here.

Guidelines for the preparation of a manuscript

1. Text

- Manuscripts in German, English and French will be accepted; the manuscript must be accompanied by an abstract in German or English.

- Please submit your article anonymised as Word or PDF file in one file that contains all pictures, graphics, photos, etc.

- If your article is accepted by the SAK, you may receive comments of the SAK-advisory board that should be incorporated.

2. Formatting 

For formatting the SAK-format WinWord models are available that make it possible, to implement the necessary formatting according to the SAK guidelines: 

PC: Word (.dot) or MAC: Word(.dot)

Tips for using the document models may be found in German as well as in English. If you have any problems using the formatting models, please contact Tim Oliver Pohl  from the publishing house.

Fonts used (Egyptian, Demotic, Coptic, Greek and Hebrew etc.) must in individual cases be supplied by the author as well as being provided in the form of a scan. 

Hieroglyphs should either be submitted as original WinGlyph-Files (.gly) or as bold as possible; a free font can also be obtained via JSesh. Hieratic, Demotic and similar can not be printed as fonts but need to be submitted as pictures. 

Permission to print photographs must be sought and provided by the authors. Please do not submit any originals. Illustrations on a data storage medium must have an output resolution of 800 dpi in the case of line drawings (jpg, tif) or 300 dpi in the case of photographs. They must also have a caption. 

The photos must be supplied separately as a separate file (that is not included in a text file). 

3. Method of citation

Abbreviations of series and journals should be made according to the Lexikon der Ägyptologie (LÄ VII, XIV-XIX). 

- Monograph: Bsp. J. Assmann, Stein und Zeit, München 1991
- Series: Bsp. J. von Beckerath, Handbuch der ägyptischen Königsnamen, MÄS 49, Mainz 21999
- Journal article: Bsp. W. Helck, Der ‚geheimnisvolle’ Mehy, in: SAK 15, 1988, 143-148
- Reference book: name of the author, then name of the reference book, directly thereafter the volume number (without "vol." etc.), then page / column number and keyword with "s.v", E.g. H. Altenmüller, in: LÄ I, 745-765, s.v. Bestattungsrituale.

The title of an article should be stated, but without the use of either italics or inverted commas. Multiple author names should be split by a hyphen (without white space on either side). 

In the case of works which have already been cited repeating the initials of the author and the title is to be avoided, e.g. Helck, in: SAK 15, 1988, 145 or alternatively Helck, op.cit., 145. In the case of mongraphs statement of the author and the title or abbreviated title is desired. 

NB! Cited personal names should not be set in small capitals nor in capitals. Christian names should be abbreviated. "ff." follows without white space and an indication of page numbers with "p." should not be used. 

4. Procedure

a. For the final version please submit a Word file and as well as a PDF-version (for checking). 

b. You will receive the proofs directly from the composing room of Buske Verlag. It should be noted that at this time, only minor corrections (punctuation, etc.) can be made. Larger corrections, leading to additional costs in the composing room will be charged to the authors invoiced after its fee rate. 

c. The Buske Verlag provides free reprints of the article in PDF format.


Below you can download the panels from volume 37 (2008) to 45 (2016) of the Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur by clicking the links. Any use of the downloads beyond the copyright law without permission of the publisher is indictable, especially the replication, the storage and distribution in electronic systems.

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